WILD is a private brand of V+J OBUV produced in several factories all around the world.

The WILD collection is designed to combine comfort and fashion. V+J OBUV while compiling this collection, draws on its extensive experience in the wholesale and retail sale of footwear to ensure that only the best models are included in the WILD collection. The soul of our brand is quality shoes at reasonable prices.


The heart of WILD is women's leather shoes made in Turkey. Offering genuine leather of the highest quality, a wide selection of colors and a variety of designs at unbeatable prices, WILD makes the right sense... wildness, variety and soul...

And all of this at very competitive prices! With a wide selection of different types of shoes, this part of the collection aims to fit every woman's taste. We believe that every woman deserves a great pair of shoes to make her feet feel comfortable and confident. Shoes of this brand provide a balance between the latest fashion trends and comfort.

However, so that no one feels impoverished, men's and children's shoes are now part of WILD as well, and not only in leather, but in synthetic as well. Like we did it with the women's collection, we have used the experience of our designers, sale representatives and quality controllers to compile a collection that will capture your interest for the first sight and from which everyone can choose.

If you are interested to see the collection, please contact us at vjobuv@vjobuv.cz. We will send you the catalog and one of our sales representatives will contact you and agree on the date of the personal presentation of the collection.

Freedom of the feet!


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