The company V+J OBUV was founded in 1993 in České Budějovice. The company has been based in Štěpánovice near České Budějovice since 2003. The company's central distribution warehouses are also located there.

Since the beginning of its history, the company has been engaged in the wholesale of footwear in order to offer a wide range of women's, men's and children's shoes. Throughout its existence, the company V+J OBUV has been based on the high comfort of services provided to its customers.

The offer is divided into individual seasonal collections, which are thematically compiled from collections of foreign business partners. More about the individual collections of shoes can be found HERE, and more about our very own Wild collection of shoes can be found HERE.

Currently, the company V+J OBUV is the exclusive business partner for the Czech and Slovak republics of the companies:


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Other business partners of V+J OBUV are foreign companies ANWR GROUPHenkelman, Shoe ConsultingZoth,

MB (3f - freedom for feet), JOMA, Dockers and EXIsport.

During its existence, the company has built a very strong position on the shoe market in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Its business partners are Czech and Slovak retail stores, as well as strong international chain stores. In addition to the Czech and Slovak markets, it also operates in the form of its subsidiaries on the Austrian and German markets, where it mainly offers its own WILD brand collection.

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Part of our collections is still on stock. For goods that are put into production, we make sure that the production, all procedures and arrival at our warehouse take place on time, so that the goods can always reach you as planned.

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Make an order with us and you don't have to worry more. We will take care of the complete delivery of goods. In addition, this service is free of charge. Delivery can sometimes only be charged for non-standard small orders.

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You can always count on our full support, whether technical or marketing. We supply promo materials and product photos for all our collections. We provide quality control of goods and other services.