Cortina NV is an international family-owned business founded in the early 1950s in Oudenaarde, Belgium.


With over 2,500 designs that evolve every year according to the latest fashion trends and with a good mix of novelties and classics, Cortina now plays a leading role in the global shoe store.


It sells more than 30 million pairs each year. In addition to its own collection of more than 2,500 designs, Cortina also offers a wide range of licensed footwear and branded accessories each year.

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At SPROX they love shoes! That's why they gathered a team of passionate European shoe designers, fashion experts and trendy observers and real shoe specialists to offer the world a fashion inspired collection of quality footwear for the whole family.


Combining shoe knowledge with fashion inspiration from around the world, all SPROX shoes are designed with maximum care for style and comfort.

Because the entire process is controlled from the first drawing to the final distribution, it is possible to keep prices low while maintaining high quality standards. From shoes for the first steps to fashion blockbusters for the next night. From lightweight sneakers for an exciting day in the city to stylish shoes to work when it matters. From trendy sneakers for an active lifestyle to cozy sandals for endless walks on the beach: SPROX offers you a collection of shoes you love.

Actual catalog for download HERE.


For more than 50 years, Leomil has been creating and strategically building licenses and brands of footwear for children of all ages, adolescents and adults.


In 2007, after more than 40 years of successful shoe manufacturing, Leomil merged with the Belgian shoe company Cortina group, which created one of the most successful multinational shoe companies in Europe, North America, Latin America, Russia and the Middle East. In Leomil, they know a lot about the little legs which wants to become their favorite characters. The latest trends in character development are the heart of Leomil's existence. They choose and design shoes with thought, creativity and yes, sometimes with forgiveness... wildness.


Star dust, superpowers and just the right magic ... that's the Leomil collection.

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Collection of safety shoes made of high quality materials that has been certified by prestigious companies such as Intertek group and CTC groupe and thus fulfills all conditions for use as (safety) work shoes.

collection INDUSTRIAL offers:

  • Safety and comfort - Shoes are antislip and antistatic, it absorbs energy, it repels electric charge and the outsole is impervious to substances such as oil or petrol. Collection offers metal-free models as well as models with safety toe cap made of the most durable materials, such as titanium, for maximum foot safety, as well as high temperature and chemical resistant models

  • Revolutionary Coolmax® material that dissipates heat perfectly, keeping your foot comfortable and without sweating

  • Innovation, meeting all standards and high quality materials from which the footwear is made of.

  • Easy maintenance and a favourable quality and price ratio.

  • Extended three-year warranty.

  • And finally, but certainly not the last advantage: SAFETY JOGGER shoes have STYLE!

The collection includes a wide range of models, from basic to high-end shoes, including specialized footwear for the armed and rescue forces, or gastronomy shoes. And newly also absolutely lightest safety shoes on the market worldwide! Also accessories, such as work gloves, socks, inserts and many others.

Check out online catalog or find more HERE.

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Collection of professional shoes designed especially for use in medical, gastronomic, hotel and wellness facilities made of high quality materials, which has been certified by the prestigious company CTC groupe and thus fulfills all conditions for use as work shoes. SAFETY JOGGER PROFESSIONAL is a direct successor of the very successful brand OXYPAS.

collection PROFESSIONAL offers:

  • Safety and comfort - Shoes are antislip and antistatic, it has a removable inside foam which can be replaced with a sanitary foam according to individual needs and the inside of the shoe is made of Coolmax® material, which dissipates heat perfectly and keeps your foot comfortable and without sweating.

  • Innovation, meeting all standards and high quality materials from which footwear is made

  • Easy maintenance and favourable quality and price ratio.

  • Extended three-year warranty.

  • And finally, but certainly not the last advantage: SAFETY JOGGER PROFESSIONAL shoes have STYLE!

Collection offers a wide range of models and accessories ranging from slippers, sneakers or shoe insoles to special footwear that meet the most demanding standards, designed especially for the operating rooms and which can be disinfected by chemical means, UV radiation or it can be cleaned using an autoclave.

This collection simply brings revolution to the market with protective equipment! See for yourself and check out online katalog or find more HERE.


Iconix and Leomil sign long term Lee Cooper footwear deal for Europe

May 28, 2020 Leomil, part of Cortina group, and Iconix announced, that they have entered into a European agreement for the brand Lee Cooper, for footwear collections across men’s, woman’s and children. The agreement spans across several European regions.

“We are excited about partnering directly with Iconix on Lee Cooper. Lee Cooper is an established brand with high international brand awareness and brand affinity. The brand’s history and relevance combined with our ability to create differentiating collections that fit Lee Cooper’s brand DNA

represents major potential.” Says Tsirah Kadouch – Milhado, Licensing Director of Leomil

“Our best-in-class service to our customers, specifically in today’s challenging market environment, represents a solution all stakeholders are looking for. We are looking forward to our launch of Lee Cooper footwear this June. The line will debut in retailers in spring 2021. Iconix welcomes this partnership with Leomil on the Lee Cooper brand, which brings together over 100 years of this renowned brand’s unique heritage and the strengths of both respective partners with what we anticipate will be a first class footwear range.” Says Bob Galvin, CEO of Iconix Brand Group.

Leomil Group

Leomil, part of Cortina group, is a full-service footwear source for major retailers and brands in Europe, Middle East, Far East, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. We are a global leader in the development of brand, character and entertainment licensing in the footwear industry.

Iconix Brand Group, Inc.

Iconix Brand Group (ICON) is the World’s premier brand management company and owner of a diversified portfolio of strong global consumer brands across fashion, sports, entertainment, and home. Iconix specializes in marketing, merchandising and licensing its brand portfolio and has over 1,100 licenses with leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide that sell across a wide range of distribution channels from the mass tier to the luxury market.

Actual catalog for download HERE.

SAFETY JOGGER has completed the acquisition of TIGER GRIP

Safety Jogger, based in Oudenaarde, completed the acquisition of the French company Tiger Grip, manufacturer of safety shoes. As a result, the East-Flemish shoe giant expands its range with specialized anti-slip and protective overshoes.

Safety on the work floor has become a priority in business operations. Safety Jogger continues to invest heavily to offer solutions to its global customer base. The company, part of Cortina, has been developing safety shoes for various sectors for almost 20 years. With the acquisition of Tiger Grip, Safety Jogger now also offers anti-slip overshoes: elastic waterproof outsoles to overshoes with safety toecap that you put on over your shoes. For employees and visitors. As a result, the group presents itself even more strongly as the number one manufacturer and total supplier of safety and work shoes.

Tiger Grip

French company Tiger Grip, known for its popular ‘Easy Grip’- and ‘Visitor’-overshoes, has been developing safety overshoes for leisure and professional activities since 2008. In 12 years, the company has grown into a European market leader with an international network of partners and distributors in more than 40 countries. Tiger Grip generates 70% of its turnover from exports. ‘Our main concern is safety,’ says Sandrine Cousserand, spokeswoman for Tiger Grip. ‘No less than 40% of industrial accidents are caused by poor grip on the floor. That is why in recent years we have continued to invest in occupational safety, with a focus on employees. With our high-tech overshoes, employees can avoid falls and slides on dirty or wet floors.’


Both companies are part of the solid family business Cortina, with 25 million pairs of shoes one of the largest shoe distributors in Europe. Safety Jogger has more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of comfortable safety shoes and work gloves. Year after year, Safety Jogger puts up rising figures by continuing to invest in the product range, quality and digital solutions for their customers and strategic acquisitions. Today, the company is active in 120 countries across 5 continents.


















Návrh kolekce obuvi je založen na současných trendech a je vždy ultra moderní.


Boty začínají na atraktivních cenách s lepší než průměrnou hodnotou.


Dodávaná obuv je vždy kvalitní - ať už se jedná o syntetické, textilní nebo kožené boty.


Díky cenným kontaktům s výrobci a dodavateli je obuv vyráběna udržitelným způsobem.

Company Becker GmbH was founded in 1990. With good organization and solid working practices, they have become a leader in the German shoe market, with a strong presence in low and medium price categories.


The collection includes over 900 items in a single collection - spring/summer or autumn/winter - which are purchased from more than 35 countries around the world. New collections are compiled twice a year (spring/summer and autumn/winter).

Company IDANA Schuhe GmbH has been a reliable partner in international shoe trade for over 35 years. Designs, manufactures and distributes fashionable women's, children's and licensed collections. The products are market-oriented, cost-effective and guaranteed to sell.


A brand with character: Since 2015, IDANA has been distributing fashionable and unusual ladies shoes from the well-known BRUNO BANANI label – Not for everybody. For those who want a little touch of extravagance and aren’t prepared to settle for anything run-of-the-mill!


We love casual! Casual, smart and so unconventional as you. Produced in Europe. Made of quality materials and a lot of leather. For your own style!


Inspired by children’s feet: INDIGO brand shoes are perfectly suited to the needs of children’s feet. They provide assurance through their good quality, value for money and perfect fit.


Croatian company Ivančica d. d. was founded as a small company consisting of a group of shoemakers. Through mutual assistance, knowledge sharing and hard work, they have become a company with more than a thousand employees. They grew, but the spirit of initial enthusiasm and solidarity remained the same as it had been in 1946.

A fulfilled childhood has nothing to do with cleanliness, obedience or listening to your mum who hassles you to eat the whole apple. A happy child is a little playful child who has the freedom to enjoy a game with his friends, to discover how much sand will fit in the hole next to the tree, how many worms can fit into a small cup or how fast can he eat a whole chocolate bar. No child is the same just as no foot is the same. We celebrate this diversity, we celebrate it and we do not want to practice the one-size-fits-all approach among children because in this way all the beauty is lost. We want to make children feel as if this individual shoe, boot, sandal or trainer is made just for them. Children who grow up freely are not only happier, but they also leave distinct footprints.


Ivančica produces 5,000 pairs of shoes a day. Since a man takes an average of 18,000 steps a day, and a child even more, we believe that each of these steps is our responsibility, but also our reward. Every shoe that we offer on the market is produced in an environmentally friendly way without any harmful substances and compounds such as Chromium (VI). In addition, in the manufacture of our footwear we use exclusively water-based adhesives. Froddo is a footwear that takes care of the environment and children's health. As a result, it holds a GIRAFA certificate, guaranteeing that the shoes meet the requirements of orthopedic and hygienic safety and safety in use.

Check out FRODDO, FRODDO PREWALKERS and FRODDO BAREFOOT catalogs to find out more HERE.





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It is a success that counts. And the customer too. The company Supremo Shoes & Boots Handels GmbH thanks to professional knowledge of footwear and fashion and a constant focus on retailers' requirements has developed into one of the leading shoe suppliers across Europe. Supremo shoes supply the traditional shoe market in Germany as well as the European export markets. The company's production facilities are located in China, Vietnam and India. In order to monitor quality, it oversees on-site production from offices in Hong Kong and China


Sustainable management is an essential part of Supremo's business policy. They take responsibility towards employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. As a socially responsible employer, it offers employees fair pay. Targeted support through further education and cooperation of employees is also important. Great emphasis is placed on high quality products. To ensure this, the process is carefully monitored throughout the value chain. Each pair of shoes is subjected to numerous quality checks from the first stage of production to delivery to the point of sale. Trust of supplier relationships with all business partners forms the basis of Supremo's success. Another important matter is the creation of good working conditions at supply points in Asia. Supremo ensures compliance with mandatory standards such as fair pay, safety at work and a ban on child labor. Actual catalog for download HERE.


With its wide range of products, Tom Tailor is one of Germany's top ten fashion suppliers. The shoes produced by this fashion and lifestyle group are as popular as their clothing. Tom Tailor shoes follow current trends and implement them using the finest materials. Collections appeal to a wide audience; Tom Tailor offers shoes for children and youth as well as men and women of all ages. It is a brand for all generations that enjoy fashion.

With its wide range of products, Tom Tailor is one of Germany's top ten fashion suppliers. The shoes produced by this fashion and lifestyle group are as popular as their clothing. Tom Tailor shoes follow current trends and implement them using the finest materials. Collections appeal to a wide audience; Tom Tailor offers shoes for children and youth as well as men and women of all ages. It is a brand for all generations that enjoy fashion.

Everybody can find what they are looking for: Supremo shoes offer a wide range of fashionable women's, men's and children's shoes for each season. The models are characterized by a high level of wearing comfort and excellence. They also offer an excellent price/performance ratio.




It's important to be trendy - and comfortable! Children have clear ideas about which shoes are fashionable. The Tom Tailor Kids collection offers a wide choice of styles, fashion look and exceptional price/performance ratio. Canvas is an essential accompaniment for boys in spring and summer. Flip flops put your children in the mood on hot summer days!

The most important fashion model for girls is their mother. The Tom Tailor Kids Shoes offer everything you need for the season. From ballerinas to sandals and trendy summer shoes.

Footwear is made of high quality synthetic materials, robust canvas or textile. All models including soles and cuts were developed exclusively for Tom Tailor.




Shoes are among the most important accessories for women and their daughters. Tom Tailor offers plenty of stylish reasons for expanding the shoe collection. The Tom Tailor Casual & Denim Women collection includes ballerinas and heels, sandals, wedge shoes, and canvas soles with or without soles. Another key trend and best selling this season is summer shoes with flat soles or heel. All models including soles and cuts were developed exclusively for Tom Tailor.




Girls like colorful and sparkling things. The spring and summer collection is embedded in a metallic trend with its modern application. Boys prefer a simple look. The key theme this season is linen in summer colors and patterns.


The Dutch company Theo Henkelman Schoenen BV is an important player in the footwear industry. As one of the largest importers in Europe, it supplies to many retail chains and shoe stores. Theo Henkelman Schoenen BV is not a traditional importer. On the contrary, it produces modern, affordable and fashionable footwear collections. New collections are compiled twice a year (spring/summer and autumn/winter).


Shoe consulting GmbH in Austria is a shoe retailer with a creative team that thinks beyond the borders. Innovative ideas start with product development and go through design to distribution. In addition to the traditional retail industry, they are always looking for new distribution channels - no matter where the consumer can buy or search for shoes.


They offer a complete solution from idea to finished footwear. Twice a year they build an individual collection with about 200 different shoe designs perfectly tailored to your needs. In the Far East, their quality controllers take care of quality production at local factories. Logistics partners ensure deliveries on time. Shoe consulting GmbH is a flexible and young team that adapts to individual customer requirements as well as their shoe collection.


MAGO is a global footwear brand established by Gorkem Bilgin in Istanbul. The brand combines comfort and fashion together by offering the finest quality genuine leather and wide selection of colors and a variety of designs at unbeatable prices. Their aim is to enhance beauty and diversity. By having a wide collection of different shoe styles, Mago aims to fit every woman's taste. They believes that every woman deserves a great pair of shoes that makes her feel comfortable and confident. Shoes of this brand represents a balance between the latest footwear fashion and comfort.

Shoes of this brand are offered on the Czech and Slovak market by V+J OBUV under its own brand WILD.

Find out more about this brand HERE or download actual catalog HERE.

MB Sp. j. J.Ignasiak, W.Ignasiak is a family business owned by father and son. It was founded in 1996 and from the very beginning the production focused on the production of children's shoes. Three years ago, the production of women's shoes was also added. Thanks to patented know-how, MB is developing very fast. Along with reasonable price, their shoes (3f-freedom for feet) brings very good quality and a wide and especially attractive selection of shoe designs. Since 2017, the company has produced more than 2.5 million pairs of shoes yearly, with more than 350 employees. Check out 3F and bar3foot catalogs and find more HERE.


Each part of the production is realised in two factories in Poland - from laminating, embroidery, printing and sewing, to injection of shoe soles. All materials used in production come from Europe. The work is carried out using quality and new machines.


For MB, health and comfort are the most important, so before being sold on the market, each model undergoes in cooperation with leading Polish and German laboratories a series of tests focused on comfort, mechanical strength, airiness and chemical test for harmful substances.


They have a patented SVS system for their shoes - a shoe ventilation system. It is a patented material for the upper - with very good breathability and air circulation, softness and shape.


JOMA SPORT S.A. is a Spanish family company, founded in 1965, with a presence in more than 120 countries around the world and a commitment to the sports market and its own values. It is an honest and humble company that invests in products and develops its own technologies beyond advertising. They believe that great products must be, and are, the best marketing strategy for a company. Find out more about the company HERE.


Joma is a brave company that fights for its growth in the sports market. It is one of the most competitive companies in the world. It's position is based on incredible products of great quality, which are known and tested by the best professional and amateur athletes from all over the world. They invest in the latest sports designs at an affordable costs. They prefer testing and avoid speaking out because the products speak for themselves. Feel free to view the complete Joma catalog HERE.

Company Galko d.o.o. was founded in 1993 in a small village near Varaždin, Mali Bukovec. Galko d.o.o. has grown from a small family business to a leading manufacturer of bags and leather accessories, with over seventy employees today. Through constant dialogue with customers and technological improvement, they focus on products with high added value. Their employees in management, development, design, purchase, sales, marketing and production departments, besides their expert knowledge, have many years of experience which all together enabled them to grow and prosper even during the crisis.


They produce high-quality, top-of-the-art products, ensure the best quality of service and maintain the trust of customers and business partners. They maintain the position of the leading company in their field on the Croatian market and expand into the whole region. They are constantly modernizing the technology process and developing their retail distribution channel. The current management model strengthens the efficiency of each employee and facilitates the achievement of business goals, along with the corporate social responsibility. They create a proactive and productive work environment, and the customer always comes first. They want to lead in their field, not to follow. They believe that the work team is about "us", not "me". And while designing their products, they are constantly following trends in design and manufacturing.

Check out GALKO catalogs and find more HERE.


V+J OBUV, s. r. o.

address: Třeboňská 235, 373 73 Štěpánovice

ID: 25172221, VAT: CZ25172221

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V+J OBUV, s. r. o., člen koncernu

address: Třeboňská 235, 373 73 Štěpánovice

ID: 48039870, VAT: CZ48039870

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VJ Schuh GmbH

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